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Alright, here’s my dump of the EXO merch from Everysing in Myeongdong. Oh my god. They had so much stuff. EXO currently has a pop-up store in Sinsa that I haven’t been able to find, so I know for a fact that this wasn’t EVERYTHING but there was a ton ton ton of EXO merch in Everysing. 

There was pencils, posters of each member, organizing stuff, mousepads, ICE PACKS. THEY HAD FREAKING MINI EXO ICE PACKS. Not going to lie I was tempted to buy it, but I have no freezer… pins, patches, buttons, photo sets, pouches, hats, tank tops, jackets, everything….

They didn’t have everything of each member though. I remember they had buttons of Kai, Suho, and Kris I think? But none of the other members. And they had these weird standup post it holders. It was so weird I was tempted to buy it. They didn’t have all the members, but they had most. You can see the weird Kai one in the pictures.

They also had these strange shopping bags that it looks like the boys are holding your hand. I thought it was a little weird, but I mean people are most definitely into that. Fangirls be cray. Am I right?

The other weird thing they had was these like eye masks for when you’re sleeping. They had the members eyes on them… so I guess when you’re sleeping you can have your favorite member’s eyes on your face? I don’t know… thought that was a tad bit creepy. They had only EXO-K I think. They also had albums, but it seemed to be EXO-M’s edition. I took home a Kai poster… for 9,000 won. I had to have it okay. OKAY? 

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